Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match: The Ins and Outs of Speed Dating

Are you tired of swiping left/right on dating apps only to be disappointed with what appears as matches? Well, have no fear – speed dating is here! While it may sound like something out of a romantic comedy movie, speed dating is a basic form of matchmaking, and this post will outline its intricacies, origins, and expectations and provide tips to navigate this unique form of matchmaking.

What is Speed Dating? 

Let’s first examine the history of speed dating. Believe it or not, it was invented in 1998 by Yaacov Deyo – a Jewish rabbi seeking to help Jewish singles find love without going through awkward first dates – for this purpose, he came up with speed dating. Participants gather in one room and chat for an allotted amount of time before moving on to another person and leaving after each event has ended if two individuals show mutual interest. They receive each other’s contact details afterward.

As it became more mainstream, its reach soon extended beyond Jewish communities; today, it’s an international fad. Different kinds of speed dating events exist for various groups, such as professionals or those in their 30s/40s. In contrast, others welcome anyone looking for love.

Know Before You Go 

What can you expect? First and foremost, arriving on time is critical; otherwise, you risk missing out on potential matches. Once there, you should receive a name tag and scorecard; during the event itself, you’ll likely move around from table to table, engaging in short conversations for set periods (usually five minutes each) with different “dates,” then marking your scorecard after every conversation as to whether or not you wish to continue talking with that individual. At the end of it all, if two people marked each other positively, they will receive each other’s contact information at this stage!

Ready, Set, Go! 

So there you go – all the ins and outs are clear. While initially intimidating, speed dating is an effective way to meet new people and find potential romance. In our fast-paced society, original matchmaking forms, such as speed dating, provide a welcome respite where we can build genuine connections on personal levels. So next time you consider using dating apps or swiping left/right on dating websites, why not try – it may lead you directly to your perfect partner!

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