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Welcome to our “OOL”, the “P” is missing. Let’s keep it that way!

Are You Wondering If It Is Still Fun to Swim Without a “P”

Summer pool time can be one of the greatest ways to beat the heat, relax, and have a blast – the ideal combination. But what happens if someone accidentally pees in your pool, and it must close for maintenance? Don’t fret: Pool fun can still occur without its iconic “P.” In this blog post, we’ll review various enjoyable activities you can participate in even without it. 

Pool Volleyball

A timeless activity loved by people of all ages, pool volleyball, is an enjoyable activity that everyone from children to the elderly can take part in. Not only is it great physical exercise, but you don’t even require specific pool volleyball equipment: all it requires is a net and ball for play! For added fun, you could even anchor down a regular volleyball net with weights for extra security! Plus, a beach ball may serve just as well.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo has long been a pool favorite. Similar to tag but without tags being called out by any players involved. One person, “it,” must remain blindfolded while calling out “Marco.” All other players respond with “Polo,” with Marco using sound waves or tag sounds to tag other players using his/her position as “it.” It provides an engaging way for people to stay active and cool in the water!

Pool Basketball

Everyone can appreciate Pool Basketball! All it requires to get playing is a hoop and ball; alternatively, you could create your own makeshift hoop using anything from plastic laundry baskets or other activities! Pool basketball offers a great way to improve shooting skills and an aerobic workout!

Pool Obstacle Course

Why not turn your pool into an obstacle course? With household items such as pool noodles, inflatables, and hula hoops available at home, you can craft your own obstacle course to challenge yourself and your friends while improving your swimming abilities! It will certainly prove rewarding.

Pool Yoga

Are You Searching For Relaxation Pool Yoga in your pool time routine can be an incredible way to stretch, relax and enhance overall well-being – simply perform poses in its shallow end while using a pool noodle as needed to balance.

Pool fun doesn’t stop just because there’s no “P” involved – pool volleyball and basketball to Marco Polo and pool yoga are plenty of activities that’ll keep you cool and active this summer! So grab some friends and inflatable toys, and start having a fantastic time in your watery playground – no “P” required!


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