Meat Eater Today, Veggie Lover Tomorrow: Why 84% of Vegetarians and Vegans Turn Back to Meat (And Why You May Too)

Have you tried becoming vegetarian or vegan and returned back to meat?  No shame here: the Humane Research Council conducted a 2014 study showing that 84% of former herbivores eventually returned to eating meat! So don’t feel too guilty; many others have done the same!

So why do former vegetarians return to eating meat? Let’s consider some potential reasons:

1. Your Body Is Communicating

Have you noticed you’re always hungry despite eating sufficient meals? Feeling tired all of the time? These could be telltale signs that your body is lacking essential nutrients to function optimally; being vegetarian does not automatically equal being healthy – indulging in meat may fill these nutritional gaps and leave you more satisfied than before.

2. Social Pressure

Being vegetarian or vegan can sometimes be challenging around friends and family; you might feel awkward being different or sick of all of the jokes about how demanding your lifestyle is. However, this doesn’t have to be what causes your defection; relationships should come first; there is no need for any sacrifice in terms of diet!

3. Your Ethics Have Shifted

Most people who give up meat do so due to concerns for animal welfare and environmental impact, but that may change over time. Something has shifted in your values – you read up on the health benefits of certain meat varieties or realized you consume too much soy; whatever it may be, it is okay for your views to change over time.

4. Your Taste Buds Miss it

Let’s be honest: meat is delicious. While there are fantastic plant-based options, sometimes nothing beats the taste and texture of juicy steak or crispy bacon – and that’s perfectly okay if they make your body crave them! Don’t feel bad for indulgence occasionally, especially if they leave an unsatiated appetite.

5. Life happens

Maybe life got in the way of maintaining your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or perhaps you moved somewhere with limited plant-based options. Whatever it may be, sometimes convenience comes before ethics – which is perfectly okay!

Here are five perfectly valid reasons for returning to meat after previously giving it up: Open yourself up to new experiences and listen to what works for your body; don’t beat yourself up when your preferences shift over time – who knows, maybe one day you may return to being vegetarian or vegan instead – just remember you aren’t alone in whatever decision you make!

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