Let’s Talk Cheese – The Cheesecake That Weighed More Than A Hippopotamus!

Cheese is indispensable in many delectable dishes we enjoy, including cheesesteaks and pizza. Did you know that the world’s giant cheesecake weighed more than an adult male hippopotamus?! Cheeseberry Company in Russia created 9,347.60 pounds of this delicious treat – let’s dive deeper into this fantastic world of cheesecake to learn more!

The Epic 9,347.60 Pound Cheesecake

On September 23, 2017, in Russia, Cheeseberry Company set about creating the world’s giant cheesecake. Measuring an impressive 9 feet 2 inches in diameter and 2 feet 9 inches in height, it was weighed to confirm its title of record holder – and Guinness officially accepted it as such!

Cheeseberry Company set out to achieve this incredible feat. It developed a recipe using cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and flour to produce an epic cheesecake weighing 9,347.60 pounds! Each layer weighed an astonishing 250 pounds! Can you imagine cutting that thing up into slices?

How does this compare with a hippopotamus? According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest male hippopotamus weighed 9,900 pounds – nearly equivalent to this cheesecake’s 9,900-pound weight! That’s quite impressive when considering that cheesecake’s ingredients are far less dense than hippo bodies!

Celebrating Cheeseberry Company’s Creation

Note that other companies have broken several cheesecake records since then. Still, Cheeseberry Company’s creation remains an inspiring demonstration of culinary creativity and innovation.

Cheese can bring people together in many ways – from delicious pizza to creamy cheesecake slices. While we might not often consider how to create such massive creations as this hippopotamus-weighing cheesecake, it remains fascinating. So let’s raise our glasses of cheese in honor of all these talented cheesemakers who continue to amaze us with their edible masterpieces – both large and small!

You might not beat this record, but you can make your own no-bake cheesecake at home!

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