Mystery Box: Unboxing Awesome Positive Products with ‘Positive Pam’

The Buddha Board

Looking for a gift that encourages both mindfulness and creativity? The Buddha Board fits both of those requirements with ease. Paint on the words, characters or pictures you wish and watch them disappear in minutes. Something of a ‘Zen toy’, the Buddha Board appeals to the artist, but serves as a constant reminder that change is constant and opportunities to be creative are always abundant.


The Toss ‘n Talk Positive Attitude Ball

Get people talking with this fun and positive icebreaker activity. Perfect for group, family and coworker applications, the Toss ‘n Talk is great for getting groups into meaningful discussions that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Once it’s blown up, The Toss ‘n Talk can be used anytime to bring people closer together by throwing it to other members of the group and asking them to answer the prompt that their right thumb touches. Featuring prompts like “What is self-confidence?” and “Give yourself a compliment” the Toss ‘n Talk is perfect for anyone who gets groups together.  


Chakra Pyramid Stone

For those who are strongly spiritual, aligning your chakras is incredibly important. The chakra pyramid is a small ornament that serves to indicate one’s spirituality and can even be used during meditation. Made out of seven different stones, each of the stones in the pyramid corresponds to one of the seven major chakras.


The Kindness Kit

People are always looking for ‘craft-tastic’ solutions to the gift giving dilemma. Tarry no longer with this Kindness Kit! It’s full of DIY crafts for your loved ones to put together on a rainy day. We all know that the best way to inspire others to commit kind acts is to spread some kindness ourselves. With this kit, you can craft some kindness coupons – good for a free hug or massage. You can make a ‘Ten Things I Like” book as a reminder of what’s really important in your life. You can create a kindness badge with hot beads and thread. The possibilities are nearly limitless with this kindness kit.


Traveling Neighborhood Plate

Everyone benefits from a strong community, but ‘community’ isn’t something that you can just build overnight. No, the strength of a collective is built by a hundred bricks, not just one. Why not take the initiative in your own neighborhood and reach out with this traveling neighborhood plate? It works like this: You bake some cookies or brownies and wrap them up with the plate. You write your name on the little travel journal behind the plate and give them to a neighbor, who in turn writes their name, bakes treats and passes it along. It’s kind of like the sisterhood of the traveling plate! It even comes with a little inscription – “This is a traveling neighborhood plate, to say hello there, we think you’re great! Enjoy these treats we have for you, and here is what you have to do. Fill it with goodies and pass it along, share with your neighbor and don’t wait too long!”


Hand Exercise Balls

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, which is why we so often neglect some of the areas that silently ask for our attention. Case in point, how often do we think about our hand muscles? How often do we really evaluate our grip strength? Cue these Hand Exercise Balls. Many see them as a basic stress reliever, and while this may be true, they are so much more than that. Using these exercise balls, you’ll strengthen your grip and improve your circulation. These aren’t the areas we think about the most, sure, but they too need to be consistently maintained. The faint jingling that accompanies these exercise balls is also calmingly meditative, and can help you in the endless pursuit of true mindfulness. If you’re the type who likes constant improvement (and we know you are) you can increase the amount of exercise balls, or buy a bigger size to consistently challenge yourself.


So, what do you think? Pretty neat products if we do say so ourselves.
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Keep it Peaceful. Keep it Placid. Keep it Positive.