Why Lemons Float While Limes Sink In Drinks

Lemons and limes are common ingredients in cuisine and beverages, both being highly acidic fruits. But have you ever noticed how lemons tend to float while limes sink when added to drinks? This curious phenomenon often leaves people baffled. In this blog post, we will look into its cause.

Why Lemons Float and Limes Sink

First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize the size disparity. On average, limes measure two inches in diameter. At the same time, lemons typically come out twice that size. Though size shouldn’t be seen as the sole factor determining whether citrus will sink or float.

Density is key. Limes are slightly denser than lemons, yet that difference is enough to cause them to sink when submerged in liquid while lemons float. Furthermore, lemons are one of the few items capable of floating even in beverages with high sugar concentrations, such as soda.

But this difference in density does not alter their sour flavor – both make excellent substitutes, being used interchangeably in cooking and beverages with similar nutritional values.

Try it for Yourself!

So what happens when we put them together in a cup of water? Simply drop one slice each into the glass. As soon as they hit, the lemon floats while its counterpart sinks due to their differing densities. This phenomenon was discussed before.

But what happens if we add sugar to the equation? In a cup of soda with high levels of sugar content, lemons, and limes float due to this phenomenon; it is fascinating to witness how one fruit reacts differently depending on its properties in different liquid environments.

At its core, lemons float, and limes sink due to differences in density. While limes are denser than lemons, both are equally tart and can be used interchangeably when cooking or crafting beverages with citrus flavors. Next time you make something with citrus flavors like this one, take a moment and appreciate this exciting phenomenon of citrus float vs. sink! Cheers!

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