Learn to Forgive

Forgiveness can be a very powerful tool to master, but it takes time and effort. Being able to forgive people who have wronged you is not easy, but it can be very valuable to your mental health. For some people, forgiveness comes very easy. For others, the concept is foreign and hard to grasp. If you put yourself in the second group, we here at Positivities.com are here to help!

First, you must think about what the person has done to you that needs to be forgiven, how does it make you feel? Likely you are getting angry, your heart rate may be increasing, you may even be physically tensing up. Are these feelings you enjoy having? Probably not. If they indeed are feelings that you don’t enjoy having, consider forgiveness. When you forgive someone for what they have done, when you think about that act or that person, you won’t have these feelings. You won’t be tense, or angry, or nervous. You’ll be calm, you will likely feel happier, and maybe even a little impressed with yourself for being able to take control of your own feelings.

Sometimes feelings can seem like something entirely out of your control and that, naturally, can make anyone feel out of sorts, worried, or overwhelmed. Being able to control your feelings and not let them send your mental state spiraling out of control, is something completely invaluable to the average person. Being able to forgive people in your life, is something that gives you a little more control. Feeling in control is a much better way to go through life, than feeling overwhelmed and, at times, helpless at the hands of your own emotions.

It’s important to remember that forgiving someone is not something you do for the other person to be absolved of their wrong-doings. Forgiving someone is something you do for yourself. When you forgive someone, you can take the power away from the person who has wronged you. If you hold the grudge, you grant that person the power to make you feel uncomfortable, angry, or upset. If you forgive, you take that away from them, and you become the only person who governs your emotions. This is one of the most important things to remember when trying to forgive someone. You are not doing it to make them feel better, you may not even want to make them feel better. It’s something you do for your own personal benefit to your mental health.

That’s all for us here at Positivities.com, we hope we could help you all be a little more forgiving today! And if you didn’t like our post, please forgive us.