Ice Pops

Ice pops were invented accidentally by an 11-year-old.

An 11-Year-Old’s Unforeseen Success in Inventing Ice Pops

Ice pops have long been a beloved summertime treat; their origin story is an exciting tale of ingenuity and misfortune that changed forever the world of frozen treats. 

On an otherwise sweltering San Francisco day in 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson was mixing soft drink powder in a cup with water when he got distracted and left it outside all night with its stirring stick intact. Overnight temperatures fell significantly, and upon awakening in the morning, Frank found the drink had frozen solid. Removing its stick, he sampled his creation, thus creating the first-ever ice pop.

Frank called his frozen creation the Epsicle, but it became popular only after sharing it with his friends and family. Over time, Frank started selling different flavors at amusement parks near him before applying for a patent in 1923 for “frozen ice on a stick.”

Frank’s invention became immensely popular and became an American summer icon by the 1960s. It became known for its many variations, such as push-pops, freezer pops, and the iconic ice cream truck jingle.

Ice pops have quickly become a global treat.

They are enjoyed in different forms all around the globe. From blue raspberry to exotic flavors such as lychee, you can find them from street vendors to fine restaurants worldwide – providing flavorful treats and cooling relief on hot days!

Frank Epperson’s accidental ice pop creation changed the frozen treats industry forever. Millions worldwide enjoy his delicious creation, delighting them with endless varieties of flavors and shapes that delight millions more people worldwide every summertime. It is hard to believe such an enjoyable delight came about due to such a young boy’s mistake, so next time you enjoy an icy treat on a hot summer day, remember to thank Frank Epperson for his wonderful treat!

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