I put my scale in the bathroom corner, and that’s where the little liar will stay until she apologizes!

Scales can be invaluable tools in weight-loss journeys, yet they can often become emotional rollercoasters. 

How often have we taken steps toward weight loss only to see no progress made – or worse still, gain?- and it becomes discouraging and disheartening? But there’s a solution that may cause a substantial impactful difference in both mindset and motivation! Allow me to share some experiences here.

So, I put the scale away in the bathroom corner until she apologizes!

At first, it was hard not to check my weight every day. Still, eventually, I managed to resist temptation and focus on other ways of measuring progress – taking weekly measurements, tracking my workouts, and keeping an eye out on how my clothes fit – rather than obsessively checking a number on a scale every single time I got on. Over time though, that number started losing its power over me, enabling me to focus more on health and fitness goals instead.

Putting my scale away also taught me an invaluable lesson about self-compassion. By shifting my mindset away from physical weight and toward mental and emotional wellness, removing my scale was also instrumental in teaching me compassion for myself. By relinquishing control to me rather than the scale itself, it helped me learn important life lessons relating to both.

A scale can be an invaluable way of tracking our weight loss progress, but its use should always be used with moderation and an open mind. 

Placing my scale in the corner helped give me perspective and feel more in control of my journey. Weight loss should never be seen as a linear process: our bodies differ depending on factors beyond weight alone! Instead of fixating on numbers on scales like mine in my bathroom corner, focus more on feeling good, energy levels, and health than obsessing over numbers alone! Don’t allow the little liar to make you feel guilty or discouraged: take charge and enjoy this step towards creating healthier selves!