DIY: Love Candles


We’ve found that when it comes to the very delicate art of Valentine’s Day Arrangements, the more personal you get, the better. It might seem like everyone wants some grand gesture, but that isn’t necessarily true. We generally think that they want something so powerfully romantic that they bloom into the wholly complete person they imagine was hiding somewhere inside themselves all along. But sometimes we get so caught up in what we could do that we lose sight of what we can do – which is what really counts.

Grand Gestures are nice, of course, but not when they hamper us. We overthink and needlessly complicate our plans. We create stress, we procrastinate, we end up scrambling for a last minute bouquet, or a box of chocolates that superficially fills our needs but doesn’t have that je ne sais quois.

Yes, to some degree, we all want to be swept off our feet. But the heart doesn’t tally! Small, thoughtful gestures can be just as significant as the big ones! We all imagine the operatic endeavors we’d orchestrate if only time/money/energy weren’t an issue! I’m here to say that it can pay to be pragmatic.

These DIY Love candles are the perfect accent to a quiet and intimate evening with your beau to be. Sure, anyone can just buy candles to set the mood. When they see how you’ve DIY’d these candles, they’ll realize that your keen and thoughtful eye is just one of a hundred different reasons why they love you. These candles are low in cost but they drip with a significant and thoughtful energy – just like you! The thoughtful part, I don’t know if you drip, per se.

Can’t you just imagine it?

Dim lights, the aroma of a home cooked meal, big red hearts, breezy whispers, sweet nothings. In the middle of the scene, the cherry on the sundae – are the love candles you set aside time to lovingly craft, just so this Valentine’s Day could be precisely perfect for that special someone.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to add a personal touch to your big ol’ romantic schemes (which, we know you are), these candles are exactly right for you.