Cotton candy was created by a dentist.

Cotton Candy’s Delectable History: Created by a Dentist

Cotton candy is an irresistibly delicious treat that never fails to bring joy. But did you know it was created by a dentist in Nashville, Tennessee? Dr. William Morrison revolutionized the candy industry when he invented cotton candy in 1949 – here we take a closer look at its delicious story and birth.

Dr. William Morrison invented cotton candy in 1897 with John C. Wharton as his confectioner partner. Together, they created a machine that spun sugar, producing thin strands which could then be collected and formed into balls for consumption. Cotton Candy became known as Fairy Floss at its introduction at the 1904 World’s Fair in St Louis, where people from all around the globe came flocking to try this unique treat creation!

Cotton candy quickly gained popularity because its production was significantly less costly than traditional candies. Before its invention, candy was only affordable to wealthy individuals; now, cotton candy could be produced for just cents each. More people could indulge their sweet tooth this way, leading to cotton candy quickly becoming a must at fairs and carnivals.

Dr. Morrison’s invention proved so successful that it spurred him to develop a cotton candy machine used by candy stores nationwide and write a book on the candy industry, which was used as a resource by manufacturers and candy-makers when creating new treats. Today, we still remember his contributions, and cotton candy remains a beloved treat around the globe.

Although it might seem peculiar that a dentist would create candy, Dr. Morrison had an excellent rationale behind his invention: to make sugar more enjoyable for patients after dental procedures. By creating something light and fluffy that patients could easily consume after dental procedures, he hoped they’d more readily consumed what he’d made; little did he realize his work would become such a global sensation!

Cotton candy has long been a treat that people of all ages have been delighting since its invention by Dr. William Morrison of Nashville, Tennessee, in 1847. Today it remains widespread, and its sweet sugary taste brings delight and pleasure to millions worldwide. When you next indulge in cotton candy, remember the sweet story behind its creation, and let it bring smiles of happiness your way!

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