Cornell University offers a degree in winemaking!

Sip, Savor, and Study Winemaking with Cornell! Their degree program offers winemaking education!

Are You A Wine Enthusiast Looking For Career or Educational Change? Cornell University’s Program in Enology and Viticulture can offer exactly that: a Bachelor of Science degree in Winemaking! Part of Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, this degree program can give anyone interested a deeper insight into the art and science behind producing high-quality wines a way into this exciting profession. Grab yourself your favorite vintage, grab some snacks, and let’s discover more.

1) The Science of Wine

Even if you understand how Winemaking works, this program reveals its inner workings through scientific study. Students will explore its chemistry and microbiology – including fermentation physiology for grapevines – along with sustainability issues associated with Winemaking. They’ll gain a comprehensive view of wine production.

2) Hands-On Experience

Cornell’s program campus is near over 100 vineyards and wineries in the Finger Lakes region, giving students an ideal environment for hands-on experience in Cornell vineyards and wineries. Students will learn to grow vines, conduct quality assessments for grapes, and use winemaking techniques to make wine blends – or even create their wine blends!

Cornell’s program boasts strong industry ties, offering students access to expert professionals and specialists within the wine world. Graduates go on to work at wineries and vineyards around the globe – for instance, some notable alumni include Ruggles Hill Cellars’ winemaker as well as Fable: From Farm to Table (Canada).

4) Diverse Career Options

While one might assume a winemaking degree is solely linked to winemaking careers, this assumption would be wrong. Graduates from Cornell’s program find employment in various aspects of wine production, including sales, marketing, and vineyard management – as well as food science and agriculture industries.

5) Fun fact

Cornell’s program instrumentally produced the first wine from cold-hardy grape varieties grown here in America! Researchers in this program created the Cayuga White grape variety, now widely grown throughout New York state and beyond – evidence of impactful innovation by following your passion for wine!

Cornell’s Enology and Viticulture program is an excellent choice if you are passionate about wine and want to turn your hobby into a career or gain more insight into its making process. Focusing on science while offering hands-on experience, industry connections, diverse career options, and exciting facts about viniculture, this course will leave you inspired and prepared to enjoy sipping, sipping, savoring, and studying!

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