Cemeteries Are Unique Businesses

Cemeteries stand out among businesses as an outlier due to their distinct practices and traits that set them apart from any other form of business. From “going out of business” sales to restrooms reserved exclusively for their customers, cemeteries have created a fantastic business model that meets both goals while delighting their customer base. Today we will discuss why cemeteries are among the most exceptional companies worldwide.

Raising prices

Cemeteries have found an effective way to raise their prices year after year while still having customers line up eagerly to purchase their services. While funeral and burial expenses are costly, cemeteries seem able to increase their rates annually and still maintain steady customer interest – perhaps because they know their customers are powerless to opt out – they must pay the total amount anyway!

“Going out of business” sales

Cemeteries have also taken advantage of rising costs to raise prices while advertising “going out of business” sales, all without going out of business ultimately – simply because burial and funeral needs will never wholly vanish from society. Although such advertising might appear tasteless, it works perfectly well for them.

No trespassing” signs 

Cemeteries possess an unusual capacity: they can place “no trespassing” signs without deterring customers from visiting cemeteries to honor and remember those who have passed on. While it might seem odd, people come here out of respect. A “no trespassing” sign won’t keep people away! This proves how vitally important remembering those we’ve lost truly is.


Cemeteries stand out among all businesses for their ability to charge for parking while attracting many people. People will pay anything for convenience; when visiting loved ones’ gravesites, comfort should take precedence over cost.

“Restroom for customers only” signs 

Cemeteries have become adept at using “restrooms for customers only” signs to keep them free from unnecessary traffic and the facility looking its best. Even with such signs posted, people still line up to use them – evidence that human connection remains vital even after we have lost loved ones.

 Cemeteries are unique businesses that have developed their own rules and practices. From raising prices to posting “no trespassing” signs, cemeteries have found ways to create an efficient business model that works for them – customers are willing to pay the higher costs for the peace of mind they provide their visitors. While they may seem strange as businesses go, they serve a vital purpose: helping families rest easy, knowing that their loved ones rest in beautiful peace.


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