Apple Pie

Apples are native to Asia, and the first recorded apple pie recipe was written in England!

An Iconic Fruit With an Enthralling History

Apples are an iconic symbol of health, prosperity, and love. From religious rituals to traditional recipes and beyond, apples remain fascinating fruits that inspire our imaginations with their variety. Perhaps surprising for most Americans who associate them with America but are native to Asia! Today we’ll look into their journey from Asia through Europe to America, along with some fun facts about one of our most-beloved fruits!

Apples (Malus pumila) originate in Central Asia’s Tien Shan Mountains, where wild apple trees still flourish. Archaeologists have determined that people have been eating apples for at least 6,500 years; as trade routes spread, apples across Middle Eastern and European cultures quickly became an essential part of human diet and culture.

Apples were an essential staple throughout Europe during Rome’s peak years, brought back on trade caravans to Britain, where records of Alexander the Great planting apple orchards around 328 BCE exist. Although apple orchards flourished across Europe until the cultivation of modern apples started in 17th century Europe, only then could we expect the plump, juicy, and sweet apples that we enjoy today to become available – and now there are over 7,500 varieties! Apples remain an iconic fruit crop today.

Have you heard that the first written apple pie recipe originated in England in the 14th century? 

According to this ancient recipe, apples, figs, raisins, spices, and pastry leaves were combined and baked inside a pastry “coffin,” covered by another lid of pastry decorated with leaves for decoration before being baked until golden brown. Although American apple pies differ slightly in ingredients and preparation methods from England’s version, apple pies remain iconic cultural icons. They are widely associated with Thanksgiving, an annual national holiday celebrating hospitality and home.

Have you heard the famous Newton’s apple story is likely an urban legend? According to legend, Isaac Newton, a 17th-century scientist, was sitting under an apple tree when one fell on his head, inspiring the discovery of universal gravitation. Unfortunately, there’s no historical support for this legend– it was likely created years later by a writer trying to make him more relatable.

Apples provide many health benefits, from their vitamins and antioxidants that reduce cancer risks to their low-calorie, high-fiber diet, which makes them perfect for weight loss. Apples can also help protect tooth and gum health while decreasing hypertension, heart disease, and stroke risk factors. And finally, they’ve been proven to effectively relieve mental stress by inhibiting enzymes linked to inflammation within mental disorders.

Apples are more than just fruit.

They represent our culture. Their history spans from Asia to worldwide obsession, and with over 7,500 varieties available today, there’s so much more we can learn about apples than just eating one! From classic apple pie recipes to health benefits – apples truly offer something everyone will enjoy – so let yourself enjoy one today and appreciate everything it offers. So go ahead, take a bite out of that apple! And appreciate all it has to offer.

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